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'elta picked up Mesaba a'

Geplaatst 28 Juli 2015, 05:37

We have been down this road before. Perhaps a divestiture will materialize this time; perhaps it wont. In any event, we are taking steps to be ready for whatever comes and are intent on and fully equipped to represent our pilots best interests. AMR management, potential buyers, and the flying public all should know that the American Eagle pilots are largely responsible for the continued success of this airline. We fully expect that our sacrifices will be respected and rewarded as we become a partner in whatever lies ahead.

Other airlines have either spun off their commuter partners, as Continental Airlines did with Continental Express, or sold them outright, as Delta Air Lines is doing with its Mesaba and Compass Airlines units.

,Wholesale Broncos Jerseys;Although an overnight transaction similar to those announced last week is not in their plans, he [Garton] did say that if an unsolicited offer was presented, they will need to consider it, the ALPA leader said.

As we did in 2008, we conveyed that ALPA is willing to assist and support any effort that benefits the long term health and stability of our pilot group. The MEC is tasked with evaluating initiatives that result in a viable airline, job protection and stability, and the companys continued ability to honor its commitment to its pilots. The options that will be evaluated could range from divestiture to no ownership change at all.

AMR confirmed Friday that cheap nike black friday deals it is using outside advisors to help it as it ponders what it should do with American Eagle, but said it hasnt picked an investment bank yet to handle any divestiture.

In 2008 management kept us reasonably well informed of their actions and progress in preparing for a divestiture. We conveyed to Mr. Garton that we expect him to do the same. In our meeting he indicated that an investment bank had been engaged and would be exploring market conditions and options for divesting Eagle. He also stated that all options will be considered, but that it is still too early to define a direction that AMR will pursue. Although an overnight transaction similar to those announced last week is not in their plans, he did say that if an unsolicited offer was presented, they will need to consider it.

Delta picked up Mesaba and Compass when it merged with Northwest Airlines in 2008. On July 1, it announced it would sell Mesaba for $62 million to Pinnacle Airlines and sell Compass for $20.5 million to Trans States Holdings. Gutierrez referenced those sales in his message.

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